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June 2024

The Most Important Security Guard Skills

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The Most Important Security Guard Skills

At Oatridge Security, we have developed a keen eye for the skills that make a successful security guard.  The best security guards meet a set of standards that many who desire the job do not possess.  We at Oatridge hire only the most competent and promising individuals for our security teams, making sure we offer only the best guards to our clients.  If you’re looking to become a security guard, or are considering hiring a security guard, it’s important to know what traits correlate to success.  It’s also imperative that your guard is properly licensed for your state; in Washington, even unarmed security guards require licensing.

Skills of A Good Security Guard or Security Officer

When considering potential security guards, there are a few personal skills that might indicate a good fit.  Given that these individuals will be the front-line against potential threats, choosing the right people can be a matter of great importance.  Both soft skills and hard skills are pertinent to performing security services.  Great security officers and guards are well-trained and respectful representatives of their client company.  The best security guards should meet a set of standards:

  • Communication Skills.  A good security guard absolutely must have quality communication skills, as the ability to accurately, quickly, and reasonably relay information is inherent to the job.  Being capable of clear communication allows for fast action on the job; poor communication skills can lead to dangerous operational mishaps.
  • Physical Fitness/Strength.  While most security jobs won’t require physical intervention, it is the security guard’s job to be able to stop potentially dangerous scenarios, by force if necessary.
  • Rules Enforcement.  A quality security guard needs to be able to enforce rules, as well as follow them.  Even if a rule seems frivolous or easy to break, security guards understand that rules exist for a reason.
  • Critical-Thinking Skills.  The ability to think critically is a necessary skill for security guards- in an emergency, a security guard will need to decide on an appropriate action quickly, and may not have time to ask for direction.  If decision-making skills are poor, they may not be a good fit.
  • Vigilance and Observation.  Noticing small things is an important part of maintaining security; if a person tends to daydream and can’t stay focused on the situation, they may not notice slight-of-hand thefts or other small actions.
  • Respectfulness.  While security guards are intended to act as a deterrent to wrong-doers, they need to also be helpful and kind.  A security guard may be responsible for helping a lost child or answering customer’s questions.
  • Not Quick To Use Violence.  Unfortunately, many people who seek out security guard positions are people with power fantasies and violent impulses.  A quality security officer will instead seek to de-escalate a situation and behave calmly; violence and force should be considered a last resort.  If someone seems eager to use force, they should be turned away.

Choosing The Best Security Guard Services For You

When choosing security guards or hiring security services, be sure to look out for these skills and qualities.  The best options will always be guards with good training and a well-organized team.  If you’re looking for security guard services in Western Washington, Tacoma, or Seattle, consider hiring one of our teams at Oatridge Security.  We employ only the best guards on our teams, and we guarantee our service makes your event or business a safer place.  For more information, reach out to us over the phone or fill out our online contact form.