Experience & Commitment

Security taken to the next level.

Experience & Commitment

Oatridge Security Group (OSG) was founded in 2003 when two brothers realized that many clients wanted more from a security provider than they were able to get from firms then operation in the marketplace. From our inception, we have operated under the premise that security managers should be able to obtain custom tailored services to fit their precise specifications and that such premium security services would protect the information and assets of the client as well as enhance the attractiveness of the clients’ property.

Mission Statement

We are committed to exceeding the service standards of the security industry to our clients through a team and community effort dedicated to continuous improvement and communication.

This founding premise continues to guide our philosophy of doing business and drives our organization and operations. We understand that the security industry is foremost a people business. So we set out to develop the best personnel system in the industry in order to select the best people and provide them with a working environment that allows each employee the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. We design attractive, low cost benefit programs, which has produced a stable work force with much lower-than-industry-average turnover.

OSG has grown substantially since inception and throughout recent years. Today, OSG maintains operations in the Pacific Northwest. OSG is a security company that can support every client’s needs long after the first officer goes on post by remaining flexible and maintaining close communications.

Our founder also realized the importance of providing excellent customer service and a commitment to providing service excellence.  We remain in close contact with our clients, view situations from your perspective, and remain flexible in order to accommodate any and all special needs.

An industry leader in security best practices

Providing security to U.S. government agencies since 2003

Protective services programs have always met and exceeded commercial and government requirements