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Oatridge Security

Security Guard Services


Always Present. Always Ready.

Physical Security • Security Consulting


Join Our Best in Class Security Service — Do you have what it takes? Apply today.


Always Present. Always Ready.

Physical Security • Security Consulting


Our always available physical security solutions are customized to fit the needs of each individual client. Ensuring that you and/or your property are protected.

Security Officers and Executive Protection

Whether you need security guards patrolling, vehicle patrols, or VIP protection, Oatridge has you covered. We can provide services that match your security needs.


Identify and minimize vulnerabilities in physical security programs through a comprehensive assessment and plan to meet your business objectives.

24/7, 365

Your need for security doesn’t stop at the end of the business day. Problem situations can arise at any hour, day or night and we’ll be available with the protection you need.


Oatridge Security Group’s diverse technical capabilities include virtually every aspect of the security services industry, including armed and unarmed security officers, vehicle and foot patrols, access control, executive protection, and monitoring services.

20 Years
Best in Class

With over 20 years of providing security services to the private sector and U.S. government, our team has developed the standards of performance and commitment within the Pacific Northwest.

Security Guard Services – Your Top Security Company for The Greater Seattle Area

Crime is at an all-time high for many of the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic cities; for its residents, there has never been a better time to invest in added security.  These days, even the added safety of locks, alarms, and CCTV cameras may not be enough to keep harm at bay; consider investing in security guard services.

If you’re in the Greater Seattle Area, Tacoma, or the Puget Sound, and feel that you could use some added security, it may be time to hire a professional team.  A team of trained security guards and officers can add an extra layer of defense to your event, business, or home.  Our guard service can help prevent harm in any number of situations.

A professional security service is one of the best available deterrents to crime; their presence serves as a warning to criminals and a reassurance to you.  At Oatridge Security, our teams are outfitted with cutting-edge security technology, a commitment to your safety, and an expertise in criminal intervention.  We offer both armed guards and unarmed guard services depending on your personal comfort and needs; we are a security company that puts you first.  Our guard service is the best of the best, serving companies across King County, Pierce County, and the greater Puget Sound.

Private Security Guards & Security Services

Hiring a private security guard means you’re directly decreasing the likelihood of harm.  The presence of a security officer wards off criminals, and offers you the peace of mind to know there are capable people on patrol nearby dedicated to keeping you safe.  You’ll never have to worry about waiting for a police officer to show up; our on site guard service is ready to respond immediately,  Whether you’re looking for a personal public security escort, theft prevention for your business, or a safety team for your big event, Oakridge Security has your back.

Our Oakridge security teams are specially trained for increased situational awareness and rapid response; they are ready to act swiftly at the first sign of danger.  Our security guard service can patrol your site, scan for problems, and intervene if necessary.  No matter if you need security for yourself, your company, or an event, our guard services are here to keep the peace.  Whether you want armed security officers for a large event or guard services for rapid response to fire or other emergencies, we’re ready.

On Site Security Guard Service

At Oatridge Security Group (OSG), your safety is our priority.  All of our guards undergo thorough screening and receive expert training to ensure they’re ready to act in your best interest.  Other security companies may not go through the trouble of vetting their employees, but we want to be sure every member of our security team is ready to take on the responsibility for your safety.  Many of our team members are former USA servicemen.  Our officers and guards are highly trained and professional, ready to patrol and protect you or your site.

If you need a security team ready to respond to any situation 24/7, trust in Oatridge Security Group to keep a watchful eye.  Our expert personnel are primed to offer you the best security services available.  Guarding you, your company, your family, or your event is what we do.  Don’t take a chance on your safety and security; invest in a real defense team.  Read more about our company on our About page, or fill out a contact form for a consultation.