Executive Security Tacoma

Oatridge Security Group (OSG) has top-notch executive and VIP protection.  By assisting our corporate and governmental clients to find solutions to their security concerns, we give you peace of mind regarding adequate security. We do this in a confidential and discreet manner. Our security solutions will alleviate all your concerns and ensure safe travel throughout the Greater Seattle area, including Tacoma, our home base. No matter the job, our security team is able to handle it with professionalism and expertise. We have facilitated protective operations for some of the most demanding industries. These industries have particular security and logistics needs in challenging and/or unique settings. We offer both high-profile and discrete armed and unarmed security escorts, protective surveillance services, and asset protection in transit.  Most importantly, we are keenly priced with retainer services available. All from professionally trained and knowledgeable security experts at a price that won’t break the bank.

Executive Protection Tacoma

We develop customized plans for our clients based on their concerns and needs. To do this effectively we utilize Integrated Guarding Services, consisting of

  • On-site Guarding- Security guards protecting your property, assets, or staff
  • Remote Guarding- this provides CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)  video cameras with day or night technology, alarms, data, and patterns, (analytics)
  • Mobile guarding- Real-time security to ferry an important client or employee from one location to another. These security guards are highly trained and use marked and unmarked vehicles.
  • Electronic security-Security card access or selectively restricted access (access control), fire and security alarms.

Our guarding services include alarm and alarm dispatch services. Even if you do not have your alarm service provided by us, our alarm dispatch capabilities are available 24/7. We can pair the alarm response with our Remote Guarding and Electronic Security Service. This allows you a comprehensive service from just one provider–us.

VIP Protection Tacoma

At Oatridge Security Group we believe in safety, team work, innovative ideas, and skill building. We’re known for our stellar performance in the security industry and believe this has helped build our reputation of dedicated, well trained, high performance employees, customer service, and quality products and services. We are able to serve any business or client and support all contracts for security services.

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