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Physical Security

Providing a wide range of tailored solutions to fit your security needs.

Mobile Guarding

Alarm Response

Our 24/7 alarm dispatch capabilities are available whether Oatridge Security Group (OSG) provides your alarm system or another vendor does. Our alarm response service can be paired with our Remote Guarding and Electronic Security Services, providing you with a comprehensive alarm system and response service from one provider.

Security Escorts

Whether it’s a potential flight risk (criminal or other) or important employee, Mobile Security Officers will escort them to any location. All Mobile Guarding employee security escorts are performed by highly trained, licensed patrol officers operating a marked or unmarked OSG vehicle

Remote Patrol

Patrols can be tailored to specific needs through inspection and recording of key details, making announcements as necessary, and escalating to the proper authority when appropriate. Our Remote Guarding officers can conduct patrols once or multiple times per night.