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Physical Security

Providing a wide range of tailored solutions to fit your security needs.

Executive Protection Seattle

We can’t always be ready for everything that life throws at us, especially with the world we live in now. Danger and threats can always come up to us without any warning at all. To make sure you’re well-prepared for any unforeseen situation, it’s best to reinforce your defenses as much as you can.  Oatridge Security Group has the best answers and options to offer you and your loved ones a physical defense defensive line.

Yes, there are always personal measures that you can take to ensure your safety, but there can also be times when you get so taken aback by a situation that your instincts fail to help you spring into action. When things like this happen, it’s always better to have someone to watch your back.

Hiring your own personal security guard might seem a bit extreme. But when it’s your protection that you’re talking about, nothing can ever really be too much. Having a team of expertly trained people who can guard you in times when you need them most will put your mind at ease. They will be there to be the first line of defense against any hazard that might put your welfare at risk.



Security personnel MUST be trustworthy. There are times where a security guard must work alone, and must be trusted to stay vigilant. Honesty is essential to building and maintaining trust. These qualities are so fundamental, companies often require background checks to be conducted to ensure a security guard does not have a criminal record or history of dishonesty.


Ample training is a prerequisite of any successful security guard. The top security guards will have undergone extensive training to help them obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their job role. At OSG all of our security guards are trained to the highest standards.


Being able to think on their feet and recognize when action needs to be taken is fundamental. A security guard must be able to identify a potential threat or disruption quickly and efficiently, gauging the situation, people and surroundings as effectively as possible.


Whether your security guard is working as part of a team, or individually, they must be able to communicate with articulation and comprehension. This extends to employees, management, clients and – if necessary – law enforcement officers.


The ability to maintain high levels of physical fitness is a crucial quality of any security guard as it is likely that they will be very active throughout their working day. There may be occasions where a security guard must patrol a large area, or outrun a criminal at your place of business. Our security guards are healthy, nimble and physically reliable, enabling them to defend themselves and well as their clientele when required.

If you are considering hiring executive protection for you or your loved ones, you can be assured that choosing Oatridge Security Group will get you security and protection with all of the above qualities, and more. Call us today–your peace of mind shouldn’t have to wait.


Executive Security Seattle

With your safety on the line, you’ll need someone who is always on their feet and has a quick reaction to any situation. They should also always be good at solving problems and are hyper-aware of their surroundings.  Having a local team based in the Seattle area can increase their effectiveness as they are very familiar with the terrain.  As executive bodyguards, they work closely with their clients, making sure that they can take you out of the area in case of an emergency.

As your first line of defense from any scenario, they would be the ones to survey the area even before you arrive, looking for signs of any impending threat to you and your safety. They should be quick to assess a situation and all the possible risks within the area where you might be conducting a meeting or business in.

VIP Protection Seattle

Whether you’re a politician, a business owner, or a high ranking officer at any organization, there might be times when you feel like you need all the extra defense you need against the outside world.

This is where our service comes in. Oatridge Security is among the leading service providers in the Pierce County area aiming to give our VIPs the best team of professionals to safeguard their day-to-day activities. Contact our office today and let us know how we can be of service to you, no matter what the circumstances are.