Security Consultation Seattle

Oatridge Security Group (OSG) helps customers identify and minimize vulnerabilities in physical security programs. Our consultative approach includes a professional assessment of the preparedness of security management, performance of security personnel, and the effectiveness of security policies and systems.

Security Consulting Seattle

We design and implement strategic risk management initiatives based on risk and risk-management principals providing the rationale and framework for developing and expanding security programs in alignment with core business objectives.

Security Consultant Seattle

Our consultants and inspectors not only identify gaps in your current security measures, but also provide a detailed and personalized report containing a concrete action plan. The plan includes strategies and deterrents, as well as a timetable for implementation with the priorities clearly identified.

Threat, Disaster and Emergency Response

Planning for and managing an emergency response or disaster recovery requires a partner who can provide detailed risk assessments, proactive security technologies, experienced security personnel, and real-time intelligence. OSG professionals leverage extensive experience, technology, and processes to help customers develop disaster and emergency response procedures and rapidly mobilize support resources in times of natural disaster, crisis, civil disturbance, or labor disputes. Established relationships with federal, state and local government, and law enforcement resources enable us to coordinate effectively on behalf of customers, to recover quickly from critical events and minimize disruption to operations.

  • Assess threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your headquarters and other physical locations including distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations, executive residences, and travel routes.
  • Provide a detailed review of employee safety and security processes at all client locations.
  • Conduct compliance audits against security provisions or mandates required by your industry.
  • Evaluate the use of electronic security systems and their applicability when compared to best practices and identified threats.
  • Review your physical security policy and procedural documents in relation to best practices and industry standards.
  • Review and analyze the use of personnel for security purposes at client locations, determining best practice options for a balanced approach to staff hours and electronic security.
  • Provide an initial vulnerability findings report, documenting the results of our vulnerability site-assessment and interview processes.
  • Analyze your executive travel, protocols, procedures, and safe practices.