Security Consultation Seattle

Life can definitely be full of surprises. Unfortunately, some of these surprises aren’t always the good kind. When this happens, it’s always good to have a backup plan for you to be able to mitigate the effects of any unforeseen circumstances. Good thing, there are security consultants you can reach out to so you can already plan ahead and ensure you have a line of defense against any potential threats to your business or organization.

Oatridge Security is proud to offer security consulting services to our clients in the Seattle area who are looking to toughen up their armor against any unforeseen danger that might compromise the safety of their organization’s system, security, workforce, and more. Our team of experts in the field are glad to help you outline and execute risk management initiatives tailored to your specific type of operation.

We also offer Security Consulting services in:


If you’re new to the world of security consulting, you probably have many questions about the audit process and what to expect, as well as what your security consulting experience will look like. Here are a few answers to some common questions:



What is a security audit and why is it important?

The goals of our security audits are to improve the quality of the systems we review and reduce the security risks. We do so by investigating and analyzing systems in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and assist with remediation or mitigation strategies.

What is the general security audit process?

All security audits are customized to best fit the subject matter and the specific needs of the client’s team. Contact us to get more personalized details and a quote.

When or how often should a security audit be carried out?

We recommend that your organization undergo a security audit any time there is a change in operations, when there is a possible security risk, or at regular intervals, such as annually. Call us today to discuss your organization's needs.


Maintaining an organization’s safety is always top priority, whether it be against physical threats, natural calamities, or cyberattacks. These instances might not always be avoidable, but knowing you have prepared for such instances should they happen will help the whole institution to operate in a smoother and safer manner.

By having a team of security consultants who are experienced in the field, you can have your existing security measures be reviewed for any possible loopholes to be identified. Afterwards, the service will devise a comprehensive action plan that works well with the nature of the business and its objectives.


Improving your security and safety wherever you go should always be top priority. This is why Oatridge Security is here to provide you with physical security services to ensure that you always feel protected wherever you are.

Our team is here to assess every situation and come up with strategies to reduce the probability of running into any trouble or incidents that will compromise anyone’s welfare. This also involves providing training and knowledge to our clients to help them understand how they can move around their environment while still maintaining awareness of their surroundings and security.

If you are in need of extra protection, may it be with your establishment or for your own personal well-being, reach out to us and we’ll be here to support you. We have years of professional experience providing an extra shield of defense for our clients all over Pierce County and will be glad to be of service to you.