Security Consulting Kent

Oatridge Security offers security consulting services in Kent for businesses and properties who are looking to improve security measures against any unforeseen danger that might compromise the safety of their organization’s system, security, workforce, and more. Our team of experts in the field are glad to help you outline and execute risk management initiatives tailored to your specific type of operation.

OSG’s Physical Security Consultant will help you evaluate potential risks and make recommendations to improve the safety of your location. We will assess your policies and procedures to help create a holistic strategy that incorporates the following to reduce the likelihood of security incidents:

  • threat assessment
  • environmental design
  • asset inventory 

While our focus is on physical security measures, we can also provide training and information to help your staff and clients interact with their environment in a way that protects and promotes security and awareness. We’ve worked with mid-size to large corporations, as well as smaller companies and nonprofits. We can help find security solutions that are right for you.

Security Consulting Services Kent

Oatridge Security Group’s holistic security consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Our security leaders tailor security programs to our clients’ various needs, operational cultures, organizational priorities and overall preferences. Maintaining a fully functional security program is a delicate balance and we know there is no “one size fits all” solution. 

We take the time to assess the following:

  • learn your culture
  • talk with your people
  • review the growth patterns of your organizational components
  • connect with your clients/customers when needed
  • offer expert analysis on the health of your program
  • efficiencies of processes
  • applicability of technology, personnel expertise and third-party support

Physical Security Consultant Kent

Some of the key areas we focus on while conducting a security program assessment:

  • Is the security department appropriately resourced for success (i.e. funding, personnel)
  • Is the security department properly placed within the organizational hierarchy for maximum effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Does the delivery of the security function meet the expectations of organizational leadership?
  • Is the security department staffed with the skillsets, leadership and expertise to address known and reasonably perceivable threats, risks and opposition?

By having a team of security consultants who are experienced in the field, you can have your existing security measures be reviewed for any possible loopholes to be identified. Afterwards, the service will devise a comprehensive action plan that works well with the nature of the business and its objectives.

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