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How to Hire Security Guards

How to Hire Security Guards

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How to Hire Security Guards

Hiring security guards is a complex undertaking that requires a careful and strategic strategy to secure the safety and well-being of persons, houses, and organizations. This blog, offering valuable insights and detailed steps on how to hire security guards, provides a comprehensive guide on how to hire security guards, covering various aspects such as understanding the specific needs of your setting, crafting a compelling job description, conducting effective interviews, and entrusting the process to the right security agency. Discover the keys to finding the right security personnel and ensuring a secure environment for all. 

Do You Really Need to Hire a Security Guard? 

Before you start the security guard recruiting procedure, you must determine whether your need goes beyond the corporate grounds. Security guards are important not only in the business world but also in protecting the safety and well-being of individuals and their houses. Let’s look at the different reasons you might need a security guard, including both corporate and personal circumstances.

Security Guards for Business Security

By acting as a visible deterrent, a security guard safeguards the safety of employees and visitors. They are taught to handle emergencies properly, which makes a major difference in critical crisis management. They also defend property from theft or damage by patrolling and reviewing CCTV footage, preserving assets, and stopping unwanted actions.

Security Guards for Home and Personal Security

The presence of a security officer can serve as an assurance for domestic security, lowering break-ins and burglaries. It also provides safety during personal gatherings, as well as the safety of guests and the seamless execution of events. Trained security guards can quickly respond to residential situations and assist until professional help arrives. Overall, the presence of a security officer gives the residents a sense of security and safety.

Key Responsibilities of Security Guards:

  • Security guards actively discourage theft and vandalism by patrolling both commercial and residential areas.
  • Security guards maintain the safety of individuals and defend property from potential dangers, whether in a corporate setting or at home.
  • Their obvious presence deters criminal activity, leading to a secure environment in a commercial or residential setting.
  • Security guards are taught to respond quickly and efficiently, assuring the safety of all parties involved, whether at a corporate office or a private residence.
  • Maintaining Order By enforcing laws and regulations, security guards help to keep both commercial and personal properties in order.

When Do You Need a Security Guard?

When to hire a security guard is a multidimensional decision that considers both personal and corporate needs. A security guard gives an added layer of protection to personal events and family safety, protecting the well-being of everyone involved. A thorough security policy is essential in the commercial world, whether it is protecting a corporate office or a residential location. Recognizing the different tasks of security guards and applying a strategic hiring approach is critical in ensuring a secure environment that meets the unique safety needs of individuals, families, and businesses alike.

Basic Steps of Hiring Security Guards- 

The hiring process for a security guard requires a thorough approach, following these fundamental steps to ensure a smooth and successful hiring process.

Step 1: Think About How a Security Guard Will Fit into Your Settings

When considering employing a security guard, the first step is to carefully assess how effectively the candidate will adapt to the distinctive characteristics of his or her job environment. It’s critical to understand that security requirements might vary greatly based on the type of environment being protected. In places like an elementary school or a senior living complex, for example, the ideal candidate should be warm and approachable, encouraging a sense of comfort and safety among tenants.

On the other, when hiring for a firm in a high-crime area, it is critical to select a candidate who can project authority while remaining calm in high-stress conditions. This customized approach guarantees that the security personnel chosen are aligned with the specific demands and expectations of the area they are assigned to protect.

Furthermore, determining if round-the-clock protection is required for your situation is important. In some cases, such as planned communities or areas with important assets, having security staff accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a powerful deterrent. This assessment considers not just physical safety but also the entire perception of safety among residents or employees. A security guard’s constant presence can create confidence and discourage potential criminal actions, connecting the security approach with the unique demands of the job setting.

Step 2: Determine How You Will Equip a Security Guard

When considering the equipment for a security guard, it’s crucial to make key decisions that align with the unique needs of your business. Here are two essential aspects to focus on:

  • Armed or unarmed?

Assess the need for armed security guards for your company based on specific dangers and risks, learn about the permissions and certifications required, and assure legal compliance. Consider whether to supply uniforms, guns, and other necessary equipment, taking into account regulatory restrictions and the amount of security you require.

  • Training and Certification:

Consider making certification necessary in states where it is not already required to improve security personnel’s competency. Offering to pay for certification costs might be an appealing incentive for prospective applicants, displaying a commitment to professional growth.

Step 3: Run a Background and Reference Check

A thorough background and reference check is carried out during the security guard employment procedure to guarantee that the chosen individual follows ethical standards. Ethical behavior and honesty are essential, and assessments confirm trustworthiness and compliance with security field standards. Examining the candidate’s career history, contacting prior employers, and assessing interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities are all part of a thorough background check. A clean driving record is also required for roles involving company car patrolling. A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record show eligibility to operate a company vehicle, which helps to protect property, customers, and employees. 

OSG Simplifies the Process of Hiring a Competent Security Guard for You

When it comes to hiring security guards, Oatridge Security Group (OSG) takes the lead in simplifying and streamlining the entire process. We understand the critical nature of finding the right security personnel for your needs, and we’ve designed our approach to make it easy, professional, and tailored to your requirements.

OSG values honesty and integrity, ensuring our professionally trained officers meet the highest standards. We prioritize your trust and reliability, offering top-notch customer service and security solutions throughout Greater Seattle.

Recognizing that security requirements do not follow a 9-5 schedule; OSG offers around-the-clock availability. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since we understand that safety and security are ongoing requirements.

OSG, an established security firm in Tacoma, has a two-decade track record of stability and dependability. With project experience in Washington, Oregon, California, and Kansas, they provide a broad variety of services such as armed and unarmed security, patrols, access control, and monitoring.

Because we value client happiness, we personalize our services to your exact requirements. OSG maintains ongoing communication with you to ensure that our security solutions are perfectly aligned with your needs. Choosing OSG means selecting ease of use, professionalism, and customized security solutions. 

Contact us today to request a consultation or call us at (253) 461-1622.

What Is Not a Physical Security Measure for Your Home?

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Let’s face it, life nowadays isn’t all that safe. With crime rates constantly on the rise wherever you go, taking extra measures for your safety is already a part of our daily lives.

Just this year, Seattle has reported more than 30,000 crimes in the city with the numbers including both property and violent crimes. And while the overall number within Washington State has always been below the national average, the numbers have continued to rise within the past few years, alarming residents all over.

As a resident of the state, you are probably gearing up to make sure your home is always safe and secure as well. With incidents like Seattle losing more officers than hiring them within the last few years, it’s only fitting that you take the necessary physical security measures to secure your property as well.

Physical security measures are visible and tangible parts of a home meant to improve the security of your space. These are the most crucial parts of a home such as doors, fencing, security garage, and the like.

But what is not a physical security measure for your home? Below are some examples:

Beware of Dog Signs

Although dogs are great protectors, their presence in a household doesn’t always mean they can ward off intruders. Dogs are susceptible to attacks, too, and can also be victimized by criminals if it will help them execute their plans better.

Simply Relying on Fences to Safeguard Your Home

Fences are considered to be a physical measure at home. But when you don’t combine it with other security features, especially in this modern day and age, it will be hard for you to rely on them alone.

Oversharing on Social Media

Avoid sharing crucial information about you and your family on social media as much as possible. Criminals are lurking everywhere and might gain access to your personal information anytime without your knowledge.

Low-Quality Doors and Windows

Make sure you’re only installing the best quality doors, windows, and frames in your home. Intruders will always find ways to take flimsy materials down so they can get inside your home easily.

Spare Key

Spare keys can be your lifesavers, but not if they’re placed somewhere accessible to people who aren’t supposed to get into your property. Don’t leave a spare key in places where it’s easy for intruders to find them or better yet, install modern locking devices for your home for stricter access.

Safeguard Your Home Today

With so many smart ways criminals try to intrude into other people’s personal spaces, you must consider ways to ensure your safety is uncompromised. Installing security devices is one thing, but hiring extra security personnel to help you out when needed is another. Knowing there are people dedicated to keeping your home safe will give you more peace of mind, especially during these times.

In Seattle and its neighboring towns, there’s only one name you can trust. Oatridge Security Group is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment to our clients, whether it be for their business or their home. With our professionally trained security staff, you know you’re always safe and protected wherever you might be.

Contact us today if you want to know more about the services we provide.

Security Services for Holiday Crowd Control

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Seattle is home to some of the most happening events in Washington State. Among them is the Bumbershoot Music Festival, a 3-day celebration towards the end of the summer where various artists come together to celebrate music, art, and everything in between.

With such world-renowned events taking place annually, it’s easy for disaster to strike at any minute. There had been reports of stampedes, stadiums collapsing, and other unfortunate events unfolding without any warning at all during what were supposed to be joyous celebrations in various parts of the world.

One thing that can help regulate such situations is the presence of security personnel around the vicinity. With security services present to manage the order and security of a large crowd during festive holidays, event organizers can create a safer, more secure environment for the eventgoers and the participants themselves.

A security team can help:

Assess Risks

Even before the event commences, your security team can help you identify any potential security threats and loopholes that might be a threat or cause vulnerabilities among participants. The team can then help you come up with a possible solution.

Install Surveillance Systems

They can help you install and monitor modern-day security systems such as CCTVs, body scanners, and other types of electronic security measurements that can help filter out any threat to the eventgoers’ safety.

Control Access Points

Not everyone gets a pass when security guards are manning the main access points of the venue. They can help limit the amount of people entering and exiting a certain area, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed to pass through.

Implement Clear Communication Systems

With their extensive training, your security team can help implement strong communication between the security team and the rest of the team organizing the festivities.

Create an Emergency Response Plan

Controlling the crowd can be one thing, but devising a plan that will help put everyone to safety in case the worst happens is another. This is one thing your security team can provide you with once you hire them to watch over the crowd during festivities. They can create a detailed plan on how to evacuate people, coordinate with authorities, and establish clear communications.

Hire Your Security Team Today

With holiday parades, festivities, and other big-scale events happening all year round in Seattle and other parts of the country, it’s only fitting that you hire a trusted security company known to provide top-notch security services to its clients.

Oatridge Security Group is an established security services company committed to providing a safe and secure environment to residents of King County and beyond whenever, and wherever they may be. Reach out to us today for any of your security needs.

Qualities of an Effective Security Professional

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So you’ve decided to hire a security professional to safeguard yourself and your property. But what do you look for exactly when deciding on a security service? What are the qualities you must consider in security personnel before having them on board?

With every service you decide to book, there are things that you must look for to ensure that you get the most out of it. Security services, in particular, should be thoroughly filtered out before you sign up with them. As they are a team responsible for your well-being, it’s a must that you find one whom you can entrust your life and safety with.

Crime rates in Washington State have been showing an increase as of late, and hiring a security team has become more of a need than a luxury. If you own a business or an establishment, or if you’re just very concerned about your safety, there’s definitely no harm in hiring a team to act as an extra layer of security.

When booking a security service, make sure they fit the following criteria:


Security service is a serious business. It entails a strict set of rules and regulations that your security team must adhere to at all times. Find a team that understands what proper decorum means, especially in a professional environment. They should know how to dress and behave depending on the situation and should be courteous to their clients and the people around them.


Your security team serves as your barrier getting you out of harm’s way. That being said, your team must know how to be alert at all times and how to sense any potential threat or danger that might come your way. 

Tech Savvy

With all the technological advancements in these modern times, culprits have also already learned of advanced ways to inflict harm on someone. This is why your security service should be updated on the latest security systems available in the market. They must know how to operate surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, and the like.

Problem Solver

Security services aren’t just about knowing how to physically defend someone in times of need. It also deals with other situations that require quick thinking. Your team must be sharp-minded, always thinking two steps ahead to ensure your safety. Knowing how to react to situations quickly can make the difference between life and death.


When dealing with any security situation, clear and proper communication is a must. Your security personnel must be highly effective in relaying information to their colleagues, clients, and other people around them. This is to ensure that proper measures are taken during certain situations and that the whole team is aligned when it comes to any security protocols in place.

Ready to Hire a Security Team?

If you’re looking for a team that ticks all of the boxes and more within Washington State, you have come to the right place. Oatridge Security Group is here to help make your days easier and safer. With our highly professional security team, you’ll never have to fear for your safety again.

Here at Oatridge Security Group, we make sure that our security personnel go through a thorough screening process and intensive training. This is to ensure the safety of our clients, no matter what the situation might be. With our outstanding service, we guarantee your security, protection, and peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help you make your days safer and brighter.

What Can a Security Guard Do?

Building Trust and Confidence With Your Security Team

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Let’s face it – building trust and confidence in other people can be tough. With so many things happening around us on a daily basis, finding someone who can keep you safe at all times seems like a rare feat.

Just in Seattle alone, there have been reports of homicide rates going up to 7% more this year. And so with such numbers, it’s only normal for most people to keep their guards up high at all times. Nowadays, letting your guard down can be pretty tough.

Now this is where personal security comes into play. When you feel like you’re no longer safe in your area, getting a service to keep your safety a top priority is a good solution. It will definitely give you peace of mind knowing someone is there to look out for you at all times.

But getting a security team to look after you isn’t where things end. It’s also important that you find a team that you can rely on at all times. There are qualities you should look out for when getting your own personal security team.

Here are a few things you must look out for when hiring your personal security team. Knowing your team has these qualities will help you feel more at ease, knowing you have people who only have your best interests in mind.

Effecting Communicator

Having a security team will only be effective if you have clear communication channels between your security team and yourself. Your team should be responsive to your concerns and inquiries and is also open to discussing things with you. This is the first step to making sure a client is at ease with the security team.

Visible and Approachable

Another important factor your security team must work on is their visibility. They have to make sure that their client feels and sees their presence. Building rapport with clients should go hand in hand with this visibility as well. Having a security team that you rarely interact and communicate with won’t make that much of a difference to your life if you think about it

Skilled in Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

Your security guard should be alert at all times and be skilled in problem-solving. With things happening with no warning at all times, your team should always be prepared to think of a quick solution when needed. Their quick reaction time can make a difference, especially in a life-or-death situation.


This goes hand in hand with communication and visibility. When you have a transparent security team with you, it’s easier to understand why certain actions and decisions must take place in order to keep you safe. This is also an essential part of building confidence in a team to keep you safe.


Of course, there’s always room for improvement, hence, the need for accountability. When you have a team that knows how to admit their mistakes, it gives you enough room to grow and make necessary changes, especially when it comes to your safety plan.

Get a Security Team Today

Keeping ourselves on high alert at all times just to avoid any possible unfortunate event can be pretty stressful. But knowing that you have a trustworthy team in charge of your safety is already a big sigh of relief.

If you are interested in getting a personal security team to guide you through and keep you safe, Oatrige Security is here to help. With our team of well-trained and experienced professionals, the last thing you’ll think about is your safety and security.

Call our Seattle team today at (253) 461-1622 or send a message to our website so we can start devising the perfect safety plan for you

What Can a Security Guard Do?

Why You Should Hire Professional Guards for Events

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When it comes to having fun, Washington State residents know how to do it, and we certainly know the best way to! With highly famous events such as the recently concluded Washington State Fair, people all over the state are used to having big and bright events in our neighborhood.

However, even with such a light, free-spirited atmosphere during such times, there’s still a big possibility of running into unfortunate situations as well as uninvited guests who are up to no good. This can greatly pose a threat to merrymakers from all over the country who visit the Washington State area for fun.

For this, hiring security professionals is the best way to secure the perimeter of the venue and provide an extra layer of security both for the organizers and event-goers.

If you want to find out how exactly professional security personnel can help you keep future events a safe space for everyone, here’s a quick rundown:

Provides crowd control. When you have such a big event, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to listen and follow a handful of event personnel as they lay out rules and regulations. When you have your security team with you, they can help you implement such rules with ease and experience.

They can control access points. Not every area of the fair or event is accessible to the public. And even if this is already common knowledge, there are just times when people still try to test their limits as to where they can and can’t go. When you have security, they can block unauthorized entry to areas within the venue.

They can protect celebrities and other big personalities. If there are celebrities or famous people involved in your event, you should definitely hire security professionals to make sure that they can move around the venue without their security being threatened.

Implements conflict resolution. Misunderstandings are often unforeseen and can be unavoidable. However, there’s something you can do to help rectify the situation as soon as possible – hire security. They will be able to handle such situations and conflicts to keep the peace within the venue.

Gives you peace of mind. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’re able to provide a safe space not just for yourself, but also for everyone involved in your event. Knowing there’s security provided gives you a sense of ease, knowing that someone is always there to look after you and all those around you.

Book a Security Service Today

You’ll just never know when danger or any untoward incident might hit you. It’s better to be prepared by booking a security service to be your extra layer of armor and protection for things you have no control over.

Oatridge Security is your leading Seattle security company providing various types of security-related services to residential and commercial establishments, events, and more. We always keep your safety as our top priority and are always constantly improving our service to ensure the protection of our valued customers.

Want to know more about our service? Contact us today!

Security Measures for Long Evenings and Dark Mornings

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Washington State is a sight to behold, especially during the fall season. With leaves changing colors into crimson, orange, and other warm hues, it’s definitely one of the best seasons to enjoy the views of the region.

But the fall season also signifies the start of a darker, colder season in the area. Typically, the sun sets as early as 6 in the evening and will not return until about 7 the next day. This lasts well into winter, giving Washington State residents longer evenings and dark mornings.

Unfortunately, as we usher in longer nights, there’s also a big risk of having criminals lurking around, having more confidence to perform illegal activities in the dark. This might put you and your family at risk, even in the comfort of your own home.

To avoid danger during this season, tightening your home, office, or business security measures should be on top of your to-do list. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Amp Up Your Outdoor Lighting

One fundamental way to ward off any unwanted visitors within the premises of your property is to make sure the area is always well-lit. We all know culprits don’t like being around brightly lit spaces as it makes them easier to spot and identify. You can install regular outdoor lighting or even sensor lights that detect even the slightest motion in the dark.

Install Security Cameras

If you haven’t already, consider getting CCTV cameras installed in every corner of your property, paying special attention to those that are hidden in plain sight. Having cameras all over the area will help ensure you have a record of who goes in and out of the premises the whole day. It’s also a piece of good evidence to keep, should you run into any unfortunate circumstances.

Reinforce Locks

If you have regular locks in place, consider adding an extra layer of security by installing automated locks that will be hard for outsiders to access. This just doesn’t apply to all the entry doors on your premises, but also to windows as well.

Clean Up Your Garden

This might not be a usual tip, but if you have a garden, consider doing some landscaping as the seasons are changing. Trim overgrown bushes and hedges. Add thorny, prickly, or itchy plants as your natural deterrent. Ensure there will be no spaces in your garden where someone can potentially hide without your knowledge.

Have A Safety Plan

Keeping yourself and your valuables safe doesn’t always depend on security measures that you install at home or within your property. You always have to factor in keeping a safety plan in place in case of any emergency. It’s also important to educate your family members, friends, and employees about the said plan so they are also fully aware of what should be done during such incidents.

Consult With A Security Service Today

With all that’s been happening around the world lately, consulting with a dependable security service provider is a must if you want to know more about how you can protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

Whether you own a business and you’re looking for a security consultant to help you prepare and form a security plan or you’re an individual looking to get personal security services, there’s always a company that can provide you with such high-quality services.

Oatridge Security is your reliable Seattle-based security group aiming to provide top-quality security service to customers from all over the area. We cater to individuals and businesses who are looking to improve their safety and security measures at home or at work through various methods.

If you’re interested in getting our services, contact us through our website or by calling (253) 461-1622.

Security Services Seattle

The Importance of Security Consultants for A Business

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If you’re a business owner, whether of a small or large-scale business, then you probably know that one of the most important things to consider is the establishment’s safety. This consists of everyone’s physical safety within the premises as well as the safekeeping of your assets in-store, including money. Your digital security falls within this category, as well.

Making sure your business is a safe space will not only give you a sense of peace before, during, and after operating hours, but it also gives you an assurance that your business can continue operating for as long as you want to. When your business does not pose a threat to anyone’s safety and security, sales will keep coming in, and your operations will continue to be healthy.

As a business owner who’s after the security of their business, you might want to consider hiring security consultants to better safeguard your system from any unwanted attacks that might compromise your data and safety. Cyberattacks are everywhere, so it’s important that you know how to protect your business and assets by getting a professional who knows the ins and outs of cybersecurity and can implement the most effective ways to protect your business from them.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a security consultant for your Washington State-based business.

Expertise and Knowledge in the Field

Security consultants are professionals who are specifically trained in the field to identify possible threats and work with various teams within the organization to implement security measures and mitigate them in the best way possible. They are also constantly updated with the latest knowledge, technologies, and tools needed to make sure strong security measures are always in place.

Can Customize Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to any business-related problems, and that includes security solutions. With your professional security consultant, you can get security measures that fit your specific needs as a business. This will make implementing the said measures better and more effective.

Knows Risk Assessment

Of course, every decision and step you take with your business comes with its own risk. As for security, your consultant can conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify areas where your business might be vulnerable to attacks so you can better understand where to focus on strengthening your armor as a business.

Provides Employee Training

When it comes to targeting and deflecting possible threats and attacks, it’s not enough that you hire an expert to work with you. Employee training is also a great way to strengthen your shield against any type of cyberattack you might encounter with your business. Through your security consultant, you can provide training and education to your team so they can have a better understanding of how to safeguard your business information.

Makes Long-Term Plans and Solutions

Your security consultant isn’t only after short-term or band-aid solutions to your business security threats. With their knowledge in the field, they can also create long-term and long-lasting solutions that will align with your company’s future growth and plans. Through their solutions, you’ll still be able to keep your business safe and secure while it evolves.

Hire a Security Consultant Today

Your business will definitely benefit from investing in a highly knowledgeable and professional security consultant. So why not hire one today?

Here in Seattle and all its surrounding areas, Oatridge Security Group provides comprehensive security solutions to our clients. We offer personal security services as well as executive protection on top of our security consultation service.

Make your safety a priority and call us today.

Security Tips for Small Businesses in Seattle

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Nowadays, taking extra security measures is part of our daily routine whether at home, in school, or at work. Even with a relatively average crime rate for a city of its size, Seattle residents and visitors must still stay vigilant as they go around the city at all times.

With Labor Day fast approaching, business owners in town must also start buckling up for one of the town’s busiest days of the year. You can expect tourists from all over the country and beyond to visit Seattle, savoring the last few days before school season officially begins. And while this is a good opportunity for you to make more sales, this also makes your business prone to security concerns.

They say prevention is always better than cure. And so as a business owner, you should consider taking the following security measures for your business in Seattle.

Security Cameras

Probably the most basic security measurement every establishment must take in these modern times is installing CCTV cameras. You can place them on entry and exit points, as well as areas of the establishment obscured from plain view. As much as possible, try to put up cameras with night vision so they can still monitor activity within the premises even after business hours.

Access Control

Secured locks are another level of security you can add to your store for your and your assets’ protection. You can install them in all access points of your store, including the windows. Key card access is also a good way to regulate who comes in and out of your store premises before, during, and after business hours.

Safe Storage

Breaking and entering businesses don’t always happen in broad daylight. Most of the time, robbers would attack during nighttime or when they know no one’s watching over your property. Protect your valuables by installing a safe bolted to the floor or the walls. This way, you can keep your store cash, important documents, and even expensive items safe and sound while you sleep.

Alarm Systems

Loud sounds would always attract attention, and in this case, the unwanted type. Installing an alarm system increases the risk reduction factor of an establishment by up to 100. This only means one thing – making noise helps keep the bad guys away! Put up alarm systems that would alert authorities in case someone tries to break into your business when you’re not around. There are also available motion and break sensors available in the market to detect unusual behavior within the premises.

Employee Awareness

Security measures won’t be effective if your employees don’t have the right information about workplace safety. Educate them about your security protocols in the store. Give them proper training on how to spot suspicious activities within the store premises. With the right knowledge, your employees can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your store safe.

IT Security

Physical property isn’t the only thing you must be protecting when you have a business. These days, cyber-attacks are rampant, causing huge losses to big and small businesses alike all across the world. Protect your company by encrypting data, installing firewalls, and more. Information security will help keep your organization safe from data breaches that might cause a huge problem to your daily operations.

Employ Security Consulting Services

Even with all the extra measures you can apply to protect your business, having a reputable security company to look after your safety should be at the top of your list. Together with your security team, you can devise a safety plan to help safeguard your business at all times. With their expertise in everything safety, they can also help you utilize all the safety measures you’ve installed for your business to their full capability. Your expert team will guide you through every step of the way and will work to cover all bases to minimize the possibility of any untoward incidents happening to your business. 

Oatridge Security is serving Seattle and neighboring cities, providing top-notch executive and physical security, as well as security consulting services for a wide range of clients. Your safety is our business, and we are committed to being your first line of defense against any form of danger that might come your way.

Contact our team today and let’s discuss how we can keep danger at bay for a safer and secure business in Seattle.

Stay Safe When Staying in Seattle

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You can never be too careful when going outside of your home. Staying vigilant and alert when in public places is just part of our norm, with constant threats to our security sprouting left and right.

Although Seattle has ranked considerably lower than other major cities when it comes to the average crime rate, one can always be careful when out on the streets. Practicing safety measures should be your top priority to avoid any chance of getting into potentially dangerous situations.

Whether you’re alone or you’re walking around with a companion, don’t forget to practice these basic safety measures.

  1. Map out your route – When walking around, particularly in the middle of the night, it’s always good to plan your route ahead of time. This is extremely important in cases where you’re not entirely familiar with the area you’ll be exploring. You can avoid places with lesser foot traffic and also figure out public spaces where you can potentially ask for help as needed.
  2. Share your location – With gadgets like GPS-powered tags and apps that help track your movement abundant in the market, it’s easier to notify your loved ones of your whereabouts every time you go out. These modern advancements can definitely add a layer of security to you and your family especially when you can’t always be physically present to each other.
  3. Pack and travel light – This might be one of the most overlooked safety precautions one must follow while traveling, but it can also be such a lifesaver. The fewer items you carry, the easier it is to escape should you find yourself stuck in an untoward situation.
  4. Learn how to protect yourself – Since danger can come without any warning at all, the best thing you can do is to learn how to fight and protect yourself. You can either sign up for self-defense classes and learn basic fighting skills, or you can also carry some self-defense items like pepper spray or mace. Creating noise by bringing a personal alarm or a whistle will also attract other people’s attention towards you, increasing your chances of getting help when needed.
  5. Trust your instincts – As they always say, you should always trust your gut as it knows when something’s wrong. Make sure you stay alert when walking, constantly scanning your surroundings as you do, and be prepared to take yourself out of any situation should there be a need to.

Your safety should always be your main concern wherever in Seattle you may be. If you ever feel like you, your family, or your business is in need of an extra layer of protection, maybe it’s time to hire a security company to help you with your concerns.

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