You can never be too careful when going outside of your home. Staying vigilant and alert when in public places is just part of our norm, with constant threats to our security sprouting left and right.

Although Seattle has ranked considerably lower than other major cities when it comes to the average crime rate, one can always be careful when out on the streets. Practicing safety measures should be your top priority to avoid any chance of getting into potentially dangerous situations.

Whether you’re alone or you’re walking around with a companion, don’t forget to practice these basic safety measures.

  1. Map out your route – When walking around, particularly in the middle of the night, it’s always good to plan your route ahead of time. This is extremely important in cases where you’re not entirely familiar with the area you’ll be exploring. You can avoid places with lesser foot traffic and also figure out public spaces where you can potentially ask for help as needed.
  2. Share your location – With gadgets like GPS-powered tags and apps that help track your movement abundant in the market, it’s easier to notify your loved ones of your whereabouts every time you go out. These modern advancements can definitely add a layer of security to you and your family especially when you can’t always be physically present to each other.
  3. Pack and travel light – This might be one of the most overlooked safety precautions one must follow while traveling, but it can also be such a lifesaver. The fewer items you carry, the easier it is to escape should you find yourself stuck in an untoward situation.
  4. Learn how to protect yourself – Since danger can come without any warning at all, the best thing you can do is to learn how to fight and protect yourself. You can either sign up for self-defense classes and learn basic fighting skills, or you can also carry some self-defense items like pepper spray or mace. Creating noise by bringing a personal alarm or a whistle will also attract other people’s attention towards you, increasing your chances of getting help when needed.
  5. Trust your instincts – As they always say, you should always trust your gut as it knows when something’s wrong. Make sure you stay alert when walking, constantly scanning your surroundings as you do, and be prepared to take yourself out of any situation should there be a need to.

Your safety should always be your main concern wherever in Seattle you may be. If you ever feel like you, your family, or your business is in need of an extra layer of protection, maybe it’s time to hire a security company to help you with your concerns.

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